Magnetic Beads for DNA/RNA extraction

STAR BEADS Silanol are monodispersed silica-based magnetic particles, 1 μM in size, with high batch-to-batch reproducibility.

These particles are ideal for nucleic acid extraction in high quantities and purity, thus providing an easy-to-use and fast way for DNA/RNA isolation, which is compatible with manual and automated procedures. Nucleic acids are selectively bound to the magnetic beads’ surface, whilst impurities such as salts, metabolites, and soluble macromolecular cellular components can be efficiently removed by a series of quick washing steps.

The extracted highly pure nucleic acids are ready for downstream reactions, including Real-Time PCR, qRT-PCR, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, PCR, and other enzymatic reactions.

STAR BEADS Silanol are a component of the STAR BEADS Extraction Kit product line, available in bottled and pre-filled plate formats.

STAR BEADS Silanol are available for bulk order and can be adjusted to customer requirements on a custom OEM basis. For more info email to


• Mono-dispersed: Consistent and reproducible results
• High yield: DNA/RNA exctracted in high quantity and purity
• Rapid: Highly manetic beads, pulled to the magnet in < 30 seconds
• Good buoyancy stability: Easier handling due to low sedimentation rate

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