the new line of one-component ECL substrates for Western blotting. Ready to use No mixing required RT storage WESTAR-ONE joins the historical WESTAR line, enriching CYANAGEN proposal with ECL substrates for those users who prefer the single solution option. WESTAR-ONE offers three products (BASIC, PLUS, EXTREME), covering the complete range of sensitivity. WESTAR-ONE EXTREME is […]
After the lockdown everyone's size increased. Even that of Hypernova


Following the excellent feedback had from the launch of the new top performer WESTAR HYPERNOVA, CYANAGEN has decided to introduce the size 50+50 mL. This larger size, together with the original 10+10 mL one, will undoubtedly support our clients in choosing the right kit matching their test needs. Furthermore, this larger kit allows money-saving. Please […]
We will be proud to support researchers and companies

OUR SUPPORT in fighting COVID-19

After COVID-19 outbreak, rapid action is needed to develop solutions for testing a pathogen never seen before.

As a life science company, Cyanagen wants to offer its contribution in response to COVID-19, providing for its extensive portfolio of chemiluminescence and fluorescent detection reagents that could be useful in the development of several diagnostic solutions.

We will be proud to help researchers and companies around the world to support their efforts in fighting this outbreak.

The brightest ECL substrate ever seen on the market


Its extreme sensitivity and extraordinary light output allow the detection of trace amounts of proteins. The formulation provides a low background for an extremely high signal to noise ratio.