Vitro diagnostic kit

OSTEoarthritis diagnosis

Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument – phase 1 –Topic “PHC-12-2015 Clinical research for the validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices” (European Funds) The project shall concern a feasibility study of the design, validation and commercialization of an in vitro diagnostic kit (IVD) for the early diagnosis and monitoring of osteoarthritis, by means of a […]

In situ determination...

TREN – Fluorescent Molecular Probes

EUROTRANS-BIO PROGRAM (5th call) European Network of transnational collaborative research and technology development for SME projects in the field of biotechnology (European and Regional Funds) Thanks to this project, Cyanagen has extended its BODIPY library, focusing on the modulation of fluorescence upon interaction with important biomolecules, such as antibodies, co-factors, glutathione (etc.). The recently closed […]


Organizational innovation of SMEs

Activity II.1.2 FESR Emilia Romagna (European and Regional Funds) Thanks to the results obtained in the research phase of the project “Luminescent Reagents for DNA analysis” and a PRO-FESR Emilia-Romagna funding, Cyanagen moved to the scale-up phase with the related defining of the production protocols of the fluorophore-deoxynucleotides and a new catalogue product GREEN STAIN. […]

New conjugates...

Luminescent Reagents for DNA Analysis

I.1.2. P.O.R. F.E.S.R. 2007-2013 – PRRIITT/3.1 (European and Regional Funds) The objective of the project was the synthesis and characterization of new conjugates fluorophore-dideoxy- and deoxynucleotides nucleotides. The conjugation reaction was based the so-called “click” reaction, which is much more efficient than amide-forming conventional methods. The results from this project allowed Cyanagen to apply for […]

Significant improvements...

Fluorescent Probes for Bioanalysis

PRRIITT/3.1.A (Regional Funds) Thanks to this project, Cyanagen introduced significant improvements in the fluorescent markers previously developed, by optimizing their water solubility and at the same time reducing the undesired interactions with biomolecules, such as antibodies and nucleotides.

Miniaturized Electrobiochemical Technology


FIRB 2003-2004 (National Funds) LATEMAR is a center of excellence financed by MIUR, (through FIRB 2003-2004 funding) for public and private research structures in strategic areas of national interest. It is a “Diffuse Laboratory” unifying and coordinating centers of excellence on basic research with R&D departments of highly qualified companies, with the aim of developing […]

Company activities

Fluorescent Markers for Genomics and Proteomics

ART 11/ 593 08/08/2000 MIUR – (National Funds) The industrial research project “Art. 11” lay the foundations of the current company activities in the field of fluorescent markers, concerning both the scientific and technical expertise and the actual setting up of laboratory facilities.The study focused in the R&D of cyanine derivatives, which were subsequently included […]