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About us

Cyanagen Srl is an Italian biotech company founded in 2003. Design, development and production of reagents for DNA/RNA extraction, chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection in the life sciences are our core business.

To contribute to the fight against COVID-19, Cyanagen developed a Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit, CE/IVD, expanding from research life science to in vitro diagnostics.

Cyanagen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemiluminescent substrates for Western blotting and ELISA/CLIA and also offers fluorescent dyes for biological analysis, cell imaging, genomics, proteomics, and chemical sensors.

Our key technologies, covered by international patents, achieve outstanding performance in sensitivity, stability and ease of use.

Cyanagen’s product lines are available for OEM and OEM CUSTOM sales, according to Clients’ specifications.

Cyanagen offers clients support in R&D and problem-solving projects, as well as in international calls.

Customer satisfaction and product top quality are of paramount importance to us.

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Patented Technologies

Our products are based on Cyanagen internationally patented technologies and achieve outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity and stability.


Cyanagen is ISO9001:2015 certified




Chemiluminescent substrates and fluorescent reagents for biological analysis, genomics, proteomics and chemical sensors are our primary product lines.


OEM and Custom Sinthesys

Cyanagen sells its product lines also in OEM and OEM CUSTOM.

Our products or clients’ customised ones can be available in bulk, bottled or fully packed kits options.


Cyanagen also offers a wide range of services in chemical research and organic synthesis in life science.

We can customise our reagents for your applications or synthesise based on your specifications and protocols.






Quality Policy

We, at Cyanagen, shall aim to achieve and sustain excellence in all our activities.

We are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction by providing products and services which meet or exceed the Customers expectations and comply with regulatory requirements (environmental, health and safety, ethics).

Our goals shall be achieved through risk-based thinking.

We shall continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System by technological upgrading of the manufacturing system, stress on innovation and training of employees at all levels.

Our Quality Policy is shared with both the internal human resources

and all our other stakeholders.

A motivated workforce with a sense of pride in the Organization shall lead us towards Total Quality.