Cyanagen will attend the ANALYTICA 2024 trade show in Munchen on April 9/12.Visit our stand 312A in the hall A3.Our product specialists will introduce you to our technologies.Cyanagen develops and manufactures ECL substrates for Western blotting and CLIA, fluorescent markers for imaging, and CE/IVD(R) nucleic acids extraction kits for isolating pathogens and genomic DNA. Our […]

GreenQuant ds DNA Kit

High selective fluorescent quantitation of double-stranded DNA  The GreenQuant dsDNA Kit contains a fluorescent proprietary DNA-binding dye (488nmEx/522nmEm, Fig.1) that allows accurate and sensitive quantitation of small amounts of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) in a purified sample. The assay is highly selective for dsDNA over RNA (Fig. 2) and provides a linear range between 0.2 and […]