WESTAR NOVA 2.0 is an ECL substrate with stable light output for low picogram detection level.

The formulation provides a low background for a high signal to noise ratio.

Properties for WESTAR NOVA 2.0

Description WESTAR NOVA 2.0 is an ECL substrate with stable light output for low picogram detection level.
The formulation provides a low background for a high signal to noise ratio.
Features Low picogram detection
Ideal for routinary analysis
Working solution stable for at least three days
The best entry level ECL substrate on the market
Components Luminol/enhancer solution (A)
Peroxide solution (B)
Antibody Dilution Range Primary: 1:500 - 1:5.000
Secondary: 1:20.000 - 1:100.000
(from 1 mg/mL stock solution)
Available as 2 x 125 mL kit
(2500 cm2 of membrane)
Signal duration 8 hours
Storage Stable for 1 year at RT
Product is shipped at ambient temperature

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