VIV-ON Red 780 FVD


VIV-ON Red 780 FVD


VIV-ON Red 780 FVD is excited by the red 633 nm laser and bright fluorescence is detected in the IR/APC channel.

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Properties for VIV-ON Red 780 FVD

Features High brightness for optimal differentiation between live and dead cells
Ready-to-use kit
Suitable for any cell species
Ideal for 633 nm laser excitation
Exc-Em (nm) 633-780 nm (abs-em)
Applications Flow cytometry
Content Vial A: VIV-ON Dye
Vial B: VIV-ON FVD – DMSO, Cod. FV160,200
Sufficient for 100 tests
Shipping Condition Refrigerated
Storage Protect from light. Store at-20°C for with desiccant.

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