STAR FLUOR 680 NHS ester


STAR FLUOR 680 NHS ester


STAR FLUOR 680 NHS ester generates bright and stable fluorescence emission in the 700nm near- infrared spectral region. Extreme water solubility, pH insensitivity and excellent photostability make STAR FLUOR 680 NHS ester the reagent of choice for any near-IR based imaging system.

STAR FLUOR NHS ester 680 shows low background in the near infrared region resulting in excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

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Properties for STAR FLUOR 680 NHS ester

Features High water solubility and fluorescence emission
Excellent signal-to-noise ratios
As bright as IRDye 680LT
λabs (Methanol) 677 nm (abs)
λem (Methanol) 703 nm (em)
Stokes shift 26 nm
ε (Methanol) 195,000 M-1cm-1
Φ (Methanol) 0.23
Quencher QSY21
Solubility Water, Methanol, DMF, DMSO
Laser excitation Krypton 647 nm red - Diode 650 nm red - Diode 670 nm red
Spectrally comparable dyes Alexa Fluor® 660/680
Promo Fluor® 680
IRDye 680LT

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