STAR FLUOR 550 NHS ester


STAR FLUOR 550 NHS ester


STAR FLUOR 550 NHS ester is a bright emitting dye in the orange spectral region. The fluorescent core structure belongs to the cyanine based fluorophores with enhanced water solubility and fluorescence characteristics. STAR FLUOR 550 NHS ester finds widespread use in many fluorescent detectin applications including Western Blotting, imaging and flow cytometry.

STAR FLUOR NHS ester 550 is as bright as Alexa Fluor 555 and brighter than tetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA) as well as Amersham Cy3 dye.

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Properties for STAR FLUOR 550 NHS ester

Features The best choice in the orange emitting spectral region
Excellent performance in multiplex applications with STAR FLUOR 645 NHS ester.
λabs (Methanol) 553 nm (abs)
λem (Methanol) 568 nm (em)
Stokes shift 15 nm
ε (Methanol) 150,000 M-1cm-1
Φ (Methanol) 0.14
Quencher C5Q
Solubility Water, Methanol, DMF, DMSO
Laser excitation Nd YAG - Diode 532 nm green - Helium-Neon 543 nm green
Spectrally comparable dyes Alexa Fluor® 546/555
DyLight 549
Promo Fluor® 546/555
Tetramethylrhodamine (TMR)

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