STAR FLUOR 405 X NHS ester


STAR FLUOR 405 X NHS ester


STAR FLUOR 405 X NHS ester is a Large Stoke’s Shift dye, specifically optimized for use in multicolour flow cytometry applications.

Star Fluor 405 NHS ester is ideally excited by the violet 405nm laser line and emits strongly in the green region (FITC channel).

Besides flow cytometry, star fluor 405 NHS ester may also be used in super resolution techniques such as STED and STORM microscopy.

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Properties for STAR FLUOR 405 X NHS ester

Features Brighter than BD Horizon V500
Reduced spill over into the FITC channel
Extends your multicolour panel
λabs (water) 415 nm (abs)
λem (water) 520 nm (em)
Stokes shift 105 nm
ε (water) 26000 M-1cm-1
Quencher QSY7
Solubility Water, Methanol, DMSO, DMF
Laser excitation InGaN 405 nm
Spectrally comparable dyes BD Horizon™ V500
eFluor™ 506

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