SATA Crosslinker Reagent


SATA Crosslinker Reagent


SATA is a short-chain (2.8 angstroms spacer arm) reagent for covalent modification of primary amines with a protected sulfhydryl, simulating a crosslinking reagent. SATA reacts with primary amines at pH 7-9 and the resulting modified molecule contains a protected reactive group, which can be deprotected to give the reactive thiol by treatment with hydroxylamine-HCl.

Before deprotection, the modified molecule can be stored indefinitely.
Sulfhydryl groups are important in protein chemistry modification, but are not always present in the molecule of interest.

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Properties for SATA Crosslinker Reagent

Features Non cleavable, amine to thiol modification reagent
Name N-Succinimidyl (acetylthio)acetate
Linear formula C8H9NO5S
Molecular weight 231.20 g/mol
Melting point 93-95 °C
Storage Desiccated at -20 °C under Argon. Product is shipped at ambient temperature
Assay ≥ 97%
Identity (NMR) Complies
Solubility DMSO, DMF. Water insoluble

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