RUBY Gel Stain


RUBY Gel Stain


RUBY Gel Stain is a ready to use kit for rapid and sensitive protein staining in 1D and 2D SDS polyacrylamide electrophoresis gels.

It enables optimal visualization and quantitation of proteins with high contrast and the same sensitivity as silver staining without its drawbacks.

The staining procedure is a simple 220 minutes, three step protocol.After staining, proteins can be removed from the gel and analyzed by mass spectrometry without interference from the stain.

The dye has optimal excitation at 302 and 470 nm, with an emission maximum at approximately 610 nm.RUBY GEL STAIN can be excited with UV-light, UV transilluminator and 405, 445, 473-488 nm laser sources.

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Properties for RUBY Gel Stain

Features Ready to use kit
High purity dye: >98%
Optimal signal to background ratio
uniform and reproducible signal from 0.2 ng to 10 ng protein
Fast staining protocol (220 min)
Convenient: fixing and destaining solutions included in the kit
The gel can be visualized using excitation wavelength in the 400-500 nm range with bright emission peak centred around 610 nm.
Components Solution A 50 mL, solution B 100 mL
Solution A 250 mL, solution B 500 mL
Sufficient for Solution A 50 mL, solution B 100 mL for 1 minigel (8,6 x 6,7 x 0,1 cm)
Solution A 250 mL, solution B 500 mL for 5 minigel (8,6 x 6,7 x 0,1 cm)
Storage RT

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