RUB-C3LC-COOH Ruthenium Complexes


RUB-C3LC-COOH Ruthenium Complexes


Carboxylic acid functionalized Ru(bpy)3 derivative bearing a long (C3LC) spacer arm.

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Properties for RUB-C3LC-COOH Ruthenium Complexes

Features Useful label for fluorescence and electrochemiluminescence detection
Reacts towards amines via carbodiimide activation
Name Bis(2,2'-bipyridine)-[4-(4'-methyl-2,2'-bipyridin-4-yl)butanoyl amino hexanoic acid] ruthenium bis(hexafluorophosphate)
Linear Formula C41H43F12N7O3P2Ru
Molecular Weight 1072.82 g/mol
Solubility Water (slightly), DMF, DMSO, Ethanol, Acetonitrile
Abs 452 nm (H2O)
Em 628 nm (H2O)
ε 14,600 M-1cm-1 (H2O)
Storage RT

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