GREEN STAIN (10,000X in DMSO) is a versatile and easy-to-use tool for the detection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) in electrophoretic gels through pre-electrophoresis gel staining, sample pre-staining and post-electrophoresis gel staining.

Bright green fluorescent bands and very low background are its major features, together with high sensitivity and very low toxicity.

The nucleic acid-bound GREEN STAIN is efficiently excited at 254 nm and 488 nm.

Detection can be performed with the same instruments used for ethidium bromide and SYBR® Green gel staining such as a standard UV transilluminator (254 nm) as well as with a CCD-camera imaging system or a laser-based scanner selecting the SYBR® Green filter.

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Properties for GREEN STAIN 10000X

Description Bright green fluorescent DNA staining with exceptionally low background for the highest sensitivity
Features SENSITIVITY: Detection as little as 100 pg of dsDNA per band
HIGH CONTRAST: Bright green fluorescence with exceptionally low background
SAFE: Very low toxicity
EASY TO USE: Substitute your reagent with GREEN STAIN using one of the following protocols:   
- pre-electrophoresis gel staining for the highest sensitivity  
- sample pre-staining for the best migration results  
- post-electrophoresis gel staining for particular protocol needs
Components 10,000X Solution in DMSO
Sufficient for 0,5 mL is sufficient for staining 50 minigels
Storage -20 °C

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