STAR FLUOR Reactive dyes


STAR FLUOR Reactive dyes

STAR FLUOR Reactive dyes  belong to the group of STAR FLUOR product lines.

The STAR FLUOR product lines include:



All the products included in the STAR FLUOR lines are extraordinarily bright and photostable fluorescent detection reagents. They are perfect tools for many applications such as immunofluorescent assays, flow cytometry, and fluorescence imaging.

STAR FLOUR Reactive dyes are available as Amine-reactive substrates in the N-hydroxy succinimide (NHS) ester form, known as succinimidyl esters (SE). The succinimidyl esters of STAR FLUOR amine-reactive dyes are the most popular and widely employed labeling tools available today to react with amine groups, i.e. lysine residues, present in antibodies, proteins, and with any amino-containing or amino-modified biomolecule.

Cyanagen offers custom solutions for the labeling of products that are made-to-measure for each client.

STAR FLOUR Reactive dyes range from the UV/VIS – up to the IR spectral region and covering the most commonly employed excitation and emission filter sets.

For customized dyes at different wavelenght and charge please mail to


  • High brightness for more sensitive detection
  • Excellent photostability and water solubility
  • Directly replaces your Alexa Fluor® dye product
  • From the UV/VIS up to the IR spectral region


Protein Labeling

Products collected in this line

STAR FLUOR 405 X NHS ester
Brighter than BD Horizon V500
Reduced spill over into the FITC channel
Extends your multicolour panel

415 nm (abs)
520 nm (em)
STAR FLUOR 488 NHS ester
As bright as Alexa Fluor 488
High water solubility and pH insensitive
Extreme photostability

494 nm (abs)
517 nm (em)
STAR FLUOR 550 NHS ester
The best choice in the orange emitting spectral region
Excellent performance in multiplex applications with STAR FLUOR 645 NHS ester.

553 nm (abs)
568 nm (em)
STAR FLUOR 645 NHS ester
As bright as Alexa Fluor 647
High water solubility and pH insensitive
The most popular tool in any multi-color application.

648 nm (abs)
667 nm (em)
STAR FLUOR 680 NHS ester
High water solubility and fluorescence emission
Excellent signal-to-noise ratios
As bright as IRDye 680LT

677 nm (abs)
703 nm (em)
STAR FLUOR 770 NHS ester
Excellent water solubility and stable fluorescence emission.
The longest wavelength Star fluor dye available.
Ideal for multicolour applications.

774 nm (abs)
794 nm (em)

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