GREEN STAIN for DNA and RNA Detection


GREEN STAIN for DNA and RNA Detection

GREEN STAIN is a versatile product line for the detection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) in electrophoretic gels. Bright green fluorescent bands and very low background are its major features, together with high sensitivity and very low toxicity. Gel visualization can be done with a standard transilluminator (254 nm), or with a laser- or LED-based imaging system selecting the SYBR® Green filter (460-490 nm).

Two different products are available:

GREEN STAIN (10.000X in DMSO) is a ultra-sensitive fluorescent nucleic acid staining tool. It can be used to stain DNA and RNA with three protocols: pre- and post-electrophoresis gel staining and sample pre-staining.

GREEN STAIN – DNA Loading Dye contains tracking dyes and GREEN STAIN, and can be used for simultaneous staining of DNA and visual tracking of the migration. It is easy-to-use: just add it to the sample before pipetting it into the gel wells.


  • HIGH CONTRAST: Bright green fluorescence with exceptionally low background
  • SAFE: Very low toxicity


Dna/Rna Analysis Fluorescent Gel Staining

Products collected in this line

GREEN STAIN – DNA Loading Dye Very low toxicity
Ready to use kit
Optimal signal to background ratio
Simple mix with your DNA sample and load into the gel
GREEN STAIN 10000X Bright green fluorescent DNA staining with exceptionally low background for the highest sensitivity

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