STAR BEADS Pathogen DNA/RNA Extraction Kit – CE-IVD certified

STAR BEADS Pathogen DNA/RNA Extraction Kit – CE-IVD certified

Cyanagen launches its STAR BEADS Pathogen DNA/RNA Extraction kit CE-IVD certified for pathogenic diseases diagnosis. The technology is based on in-house developed magnetic beads.

The Pathogen kits are compatible with the diagnosis of COVID-19, sexually transmitted infections (STIs NA), CMV, HPV, Monkey Pox, pathogens from whole blood, plasma, swabs, urine, stool and other body fluids.

96 test bottle and 96 or 16 test pre-filled plate formats are available.


UNIQUE – The bottle format has all reagents included and ready for the manual procedure or to dispense in an empty deep well plate for an automated one. The kit allows isolating DNA and RNA in the same extraction for different pathogens analysis.

FAST – The pre-filled plate format provides fundamental support to the labs used to dispense the plates in-house. There is no need to order plastics, and lab technicians can skip the time-consuming dispensing step, passing directly to the test phase. The extraction time is between 22 and 30 minutes.

VERSATILE – The kit is compatible with 11 different extractors. Scripts are available for all these instruments. Visit web site for details.

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