STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction Kit– CE-IVDR certified

STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction Kit– CE-IVDR certified

Cyanagen launches its new STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction kit, based on in-house developed magnetic beads technology.

STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction kit provides a fast and efficient purification and isolation of high-quality genomic DNA (gDNA) from biological samples such as whole blood, saliva, cultured cells and FFPE.

The kit is CE-IVDR certified for extracting genomic DNA from whole blood and saliva.

The extracted nucleic acids are highly pure and ready for downstream reactions, including real-time PCR, qRT-PCR, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, and other enzymatic reactions.

96 test bottle and 96 or 16 test pre-filled plate formats are available.


UNIQUE – The bottle format is the only one on the market with all reagents included andis ready to use for manual procedures or to be dispensed in an empty deep well plate for automated ones.

FAST–The pre-filled plate format isa fundamental tool for those labs used to dispense the plates in-house. There is no need to order plastics, and the time-consuming dispensing step is avoided, passing directly to the test phase. The extraction time is about 60 minutes for 16,32, and 96 samples.

VERSATILE – The kit is compatible with 14 different extractors, for which dedicatedscripts are available. Click here for details.

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