STAR BEADS DNA extraction kit

STAR BEADS DNA extraction kit

Rapid isolation of DNA from various body fluids and biological samples

STAR BEADS DNA Extraction Kit provides a fast and efficient purification method to isolate high-quality genomic, bacterial or viral DNA from various body fluids and biological samples. The extracted nucleic acids are highly pure and ready for downstream reactions, including real-time PCR, qRT-PCR, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, and other enzymatic reactions.

The kit is available in bottle and prefilled plate formats. This latter one is ideal for automated extractions on open platforms. Scripts and protocols for several extractors are available. Visit the document section on our website,, for their download, or email for information.


• Purification of high-quality DNA

• Versatile: DNA isolation from various sample types and for several applications

• Eco-friendly: Magnetic bead-based technology allows up to 50% reduction in plastic use

• Easy to use: available in both bottled and prefilled plate format, ready to use by manual procedure or on automatic extractors

• Reduce hands-on time and human errors: in automated extractions, where only the loading of the sample and proteinase K on the prefilled plate is required

• Rapid: protocol for manual extraction, automatic extraction time about 60 minutes for 96 and 32 samples

• Easy storage: room temperature (RT)

• Automatable: compatible with Allsheng Auto-Pure96/Auto-Pure32A/Mini, Accuris IsoPure™
Mini/96 Procomcure Phoenix-Pure96/32 MOLGEN PurePrep 96/32 BIOER GenePure Pro NPA-32P
MGI SP-NE32 BIGFISH BFEX-32, and many other systems

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