Crosslinkers – Custom Productions in bulk sizes

Crosslinkers – Custom Productions in bulk sizes

CROSSLINKING REAGENTS for covalent binding or conjugation of biomolecules.

Crosslinkers are molecules containing two reactive ends capable of chemically attaching to specific functional groups (primary amines, sulfhydryls, etc.) on proteins or other molecules. These reagents are used in a wide range of application in the field of drug discovery, assay development and pharmaceutical synthesis with the main purpose of determination of three-dimensional structures of proteins, solid-phase immobilization, hapten-carrier protein conjugation, antibody-enzyme conjugation and preparation of immunotoxins.

High purity Cyanagen’s crosslinker reagents are classified according to their reactive groups, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, and length of the spacer between the reactive groups; they can be homobifunctional or heterobifunctional, membrane permeable or impermeable. The spacer arm can also be cleavable.
CYANAGEN manufactures and sells these reagents also in custom bulk sizes.

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Properties for Crosslinker Reagent