Fluorescent western blotting

IR-BLOT 800 Goat anti-Mouse


IR-Blot secondary antibodies are high quality secondary antibodies optimized for quantitative western blotting in the infrared region. These antibodies are highly cross-adsorbed, so ensuring extremely low background and very specific signal.

The high fluorescence intensity of IR-Blot secondary antibodies allows a very high sensitivity and an optimal signal to noise ratio, both in the 700 nm and 800 nm channel.

In order to provide the best value for money, IR-Blot secondary antibodies are optimized for multiplex infrared western blotting and for lower optimal working dilution.

IR-Blot secondary antibodies can be used on instruments with excitation and emission filters in the infrared region.


 Highly cross-adsorbed antibodies

 High sensitivity and low background

 Quantitative Western blotting

 Optimized for multicolor IR-Western blotting


IR-Blot secondary antibodies are available as Goat anti-Mouse and Goat anti-Rabbit conjugates.

IR-Blot 700 conjugates: 678-690

IR-Blot 800 conjugates: 774-790

Infrared quantitative western blot

0.1 mg of fluorescent secondary antibody lyophilized in phosphate buffer saline, pH 7.4. Contains 10 mg/mL BSA as stabilizer and 0.01% sodium azide as preservative, after reconstitution.


Protect from light. Store at +4°C prior to reconstitution. Once reconstituted, stable for up to 3 months at +4°C.

Fluorescent Western blotting detection of Vinculin. Imager: ODISSEY ® CLX – LI-COR

Fluorescent Western blotting detection of HSP90. Imager: ODISSEY ® CLX – LI-COR

Multiplex Western blotting 

with IR-BLOT secondary antibodies. 


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Order-No.Unit SizePrice
F1L108,S0010,1 mg85.00
F1L108,S0055 x 0,1 mg140.00

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