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Cyanagen Srl is a biotech company located in Bologna, dedicated to research, development and production of reagents for molecular biology since 2003. Currently Cyanagen is one of the leading companies in the field of reagents for Western blotting and ELISA.

The main product lines are focused on chemiluminescence and fluorescent dyes for biological analysis, genomics, proteomics and chemical sensors.

Our products are based on Cyanagen internationally patented technologies and achieve outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity and stability.

The products are extremely versatile and perfectly suited to the latest analytical instrumentation such as WESTAR R- Chemilluminescence Reader for Western blotting and ELISA marketed by Hi Tech Cyanagen - company controlled by Cyanagen, mainly involved in research and development in the Biochemistry field, as well as in marketing of scientific equipment for laboratory.

These products are also available as OEM.