WESTAR line dedicated to Western Blot

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WESTAR Sun is Cyanagen's new entry-level product for its patented WESTAR line dedicated to Western Blot. It has been developed and optimized...

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These unique fluorescent labels, based on indocyanine chemistry, feature very large Stokes shifts (> 100 ), with strong absorption in the far-red part of the visible spectrum (650-700 nm) and emission...

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Near-Infrared Cyanine Dyes

Fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence imaging are two of the most rapidly expanding areas of research in medical and biological sciences. In particular, the Near-Infrared (NIR) region offers several advantages...

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Antibodies Labeled with Cyanagen Fluorophores

The antibodies label with Cyanagen fluorophores are innovative reagents that can be used for detection of proteins in tissues, cells (flow cytometry), immunological analysis (fluorescent western blot), and bioimaging or as therapeutic reagents...

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Ruthenium Complexes

Low-spin, d6, second and third row metal complexes containing one or more α-diimine ligands, such as 2,2'-bipyridines (bpy) and 1,10-phenanthrolines (phen). The metals are typically tungsten (0), rhenium (I), ruthenium (II), osmium (II), iridium (III) and Pt(IV) in their respective oxidation states...

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Cyanagen

The activities in molecular biology of Cyanagen cover several areas ranging from testing, evaluation and QC of the reagents for Western Blot and ELISA to the production of dye-antibody conjugates for flow cytometry...

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