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ELISTAR ECL Substrates for ELISA


ELISTAR are HRP ECL substrates for ELISA.
Our proprietary technology enables fine tuning of signal intensity in order to obtain a customized assay sensitivity best suited to your particular application.
ELISTAR product line constitutes a perfect component of every chemiluminescent ELISA kit.


  • Rapid emission of bright signal at λ=425 nm
  • Broad dynamic range
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Family of products allowing for nanogram to femtogram detection range
  • Compatible with all chemiluminescence imagers
  • Sensitive substrates to reduce consumption of antibodies

ELISTAR used for HRP Detection

ELISTAR substrates used for detection of HRP at concentration range 
from 10 ng/mL down to 78 pg/mL in a microplate.
Imager: Westar R (Hi Tech Cyanagen)


ELISTAR substrates were used for detection of HRP serial dilutions at concentration range from 10 ng/mL down to 78 pg/mL in a microplate.
Imager: Westar R (Hi Tech Cyanagen).



* Based on Human IL-2 sandwich assay using 2 ug/ml capture Ab and 0,4 ug/ml  detection Ab

** Data refer to Human IL-2 ELISA Kit (ab174444, Abcam) and Human IL-2 ELISA Kit High Sensitivity (ab46054, Abcam)

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