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FLUORESCENT Western Blotting


Fluorescent western blotting is the best option for quantitative and accurate protein expression analyses.

Fluorescence detection in western blotting allows to obtain reliable and reproducible results and provide a wider dynamic range than other available detection methods.

Fluorescent signal intensity does not vary with time of exposure, and is highly stable: the blots can be stored and reimaged after months without alteration in signal intensity.

It offers the ability to assay multiple targets on the same blot, at the same time, without stripping and reprobing the blot.

IR-BLOT secondary antibodies are high quality secondary antibodies optimized for quantitative western blotting in the infrared region.


  • Highly cross-adsorbed antibodies

  • High sensitivity and low background

  • Quantitative western blotting

  • Multiplex western blotting for simultaneous detection of different proteins

  • Extended signal stability